• Matthew W. Prull

    Matthew W. Prull

    Professor of Psychology, Chair

    Maxey Hall 327

    Professor Matthew W. Prull earned his Ph.D. in cognitive psychology at Claremont Graduate University. He then later specialized in cognitive neuroscience as a postdoctoral scholar at Stanford before arriving at Whitman in 1999. Professor Prull's research interests focus on understanding adult age-related patterns of change and stability in mental abilities such as memory, language and the use of general knowledge.

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  • Melissa Clearfield

    Melissa Clearfield

    Professor of Psychology, Laura and Carl Peterson Chair of Social Science

    Hunter Conservatory 404

    Professor Melissa Clearfield is fascinated by how infants learn and develop. She's been studying developmental psychology since the first moments of her undergraduate career. Professor Clearfield earned her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology (with minors in Behavioral Neuroscience and Kinesiology) from Indiana University before joining the psychology department at Whitman in the summer of 2001. Professor Clearfield’s current line of research explores whether socio-economic status impacts attention and executive function in very young infants

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  • Walter Herbranson

    Walter Herbranson

    Professor of Psychology, Ladley Endowed Chair

    Professor Walter Herbranson is a comparative psychologist, studying the behavior and cognitive abilities of animals in an evolutionary context. In addition to organizing a comparative cognition lab in Maxey Hall, Herbranson teaches several courses, including Psychology of Learning, Comparative and Evolutionary Psychology and Psychological Statistics.

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  • Thomas Armstrong

    Thomas Armstrong

    Associate Professor of Psychology

    Maxey Hall 352

    Associate Professor of Psychology Thomas Armstrong has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology and studies the interaction between attention and emotion in anxiety-related disorders. In the classroom, Armstrong teaches psychology from an interdisciplinary perspective. In his laboratory, he conducts experimental psychopathology research. And in the Walla Walla community, he practices psychotherapy.

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  • Pavel S. Blagov

    Pavel S. Blagov

    Associate Professor of Psychology

    Maxey Hall 348

    Associate Professor of Psychology Pavel Blagov has a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from Emory University. His teaching interests include personality, psychological measurement and testing and courses about the classification and treatment of psychopathology. He also teaches research methods, research on sexual orientation, and forensic psychology, and is well-versed in basic neuroscience and psychopharmacology.

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  • Erin Pahlke

    Erin Pahlke

    Associate Professor of Psychology

    Maxey Hall 346

    Associate Professor of Psychology Erin Pahlke became passionate about psychology while an undergraduate student. In her research and teaching, Pahlke is interested in answering broad questions about development, children's and adolescents' understanding of dscrimination, the effects of single-sex schooling, children's interest in and knowledge of politics and gender, ethnic-racial and political socialization. She enjoys working with students to explore core questions related to development, schools, families and social environments.

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  • Nancy Day

    Nancy Day

    Assistant Professor of Psychology (Sabbatical 2022-23 Academic Year)

    Maxey Hall 342

    Assistant Professor of Psychology Nancy Day loved her high school science courses and, upon entering college, was certain she would major in biology (and she did). What she didn't expect was that she'd find psychology equally fascinating and want to major in it as well. Day investigates how experiences and biological factors interact to influence behavior, particularly speech and language, in both her research lab and her courses.

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  • Stephen Michael

    Stephen Michael

    Senior Lecturer of Psychology

    Maxey Hall 350

    Senior Lecturer of Psychology Stephen Michael researches the role that social and cognitive processes play in issues within the legal system. He earned his Ph.D. in Psychology with a concentration in Legal Psychology from the University of Texas, El Paso. A majority of Michael’s research has focused on the psychological processes that influence deception detection and investigative interviewing techniques. 

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  • Grace Srigley

    Visiting Assistant Professor of Psychology

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  • Richele Heilbrun

    Richele Heilbrun

    Division I Assistant

    Maxey Hall 101
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