Group of Whitman College math students outdoors

Are you looking for a major that enables you to develop your analytical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and problem-solving skills?  Do you want to develop a solid foundation for a career that involves working with quantitative data and/or requires further work in professional or graduate school?  If you enjoy working with mathematical concepts and are curious about the origin and reasoning behind formulas and equations, our Mathematics and Statistics Department may be a good fit for you. As a mathematics major at Whitman, you will discover:

  • An innovative and challenging curriculum that integrates a broad variety of course options in mathematics, applied mathematics, and statistics. 
  • Interactive classes that develop attributes such as problem-solving skills, analytical and quantitative abilities, attention to details, and both the oral and written communication of technical ideas.  These represent five of the top ten attributes sought by employers.
  • Access to extensive technology and computer resources, including three computer labs that feature GNU/Linux-based PCs equipped with the Mathematica, Maple, R, and Matlab software packages, GCC compiler tools, and more.