Inside the oral cavity

Things to note


The tongue is a highly manipulative, muscular structure used to aid ingestion, with an attachment deep in the throat.



The hard palate makes up the anterior part of the roof of the mouth. Made of bone and covered with folds of mucus membrane, the hard palate separates the oral cavity from the nasal cavities.

The surface of the soft palate is a posterior continuation of the mucous membrane, but it contains no bone.


Unerupted teeth

Visible here are the beginning of the pig's tusks and the unerupted teeth.




The pharynx is the region encompassing the base of the tongue and the junction of the passageways for food (esophagus) and air (trachea).

Note the epiglottis (small flap of tissue at rear of pharynx) visible in this picture. This fold of skin covers the opening to the trachea during swallowing to prevent food entry into the trachea.


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