• Krista H. Gulbransen

    Krista H. Gulbransen

    Associate Professor of Art History, Chair

    Olin Hall 123

    Professor Krista Gulbransen is an art historian specializing in South Asian art and architecture, with particular interests in manuscript illustration, portraiture and modes of cultural exchange. Her prior experience working and interning at various museums helped to shape her interest in exploring and critiquing historical and contemporary methods of museum display.

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  • Matthew Reynolds

    Matthew Reynolds

    Associate Professor of Art History

    Olin Hall 125

    Associate Professor of Art History Matthew Reynolds has taught for over 25 years at the college and university level. Among his many interests are the intersections between images, objects, audiences and their shared contexts. His core concerns include understanding how the visual world is shaped by the dynamics of power, wealth (or its lack), race, ethnicity and gender.

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  • Lisa Uddin

    Lisa Uddin

    Associate Professor of Art History, Paul Garett Fellow

    Professor Uddin is a visual culture scholar with a focus on the 20th Century United States. Her courses in Art History help students explore the visual and spatial life of race, the politics and possibilities of aesthetics, and urban and environmental imaginaries."

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  • Libby Miller

    Libby Miller

    Senior Adjunct Assistant Professor of Art History and General Studies

    Olin Hall

    Libby Miller is interested in how we co-exist with history in the present. In addition to teaching Art History and Visual Culture Studies at Whitman, she also participates in the First Year Seminars Program, and serves as Director of the Maxey Museum and as Whitman’s Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) coordinator.

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