"When you enter into your class that will be about 18 people big, you will come face to face with a professor who most likely holds a terminal degree in their field (usually a PhD). These professors are quite literally top experts in the field that that they all so passionately teach about and we, with our small classes sizes and 9:1 student to faculty ratio, get to learn directly from them"

Check out more from a post by recent anthropology alum Chloe Serkissian '18: Faculty: They're Just Like Us! (Only with PhDs) then check out all our Faculty bios below!

  • Jason Pribilsky

    Jason Pribilsky

    Professor, Chair

    Maxey Hall 320

    Specialties: Ecuadorian and Peruvian Andes; Urban United States (New York City); medical anthropology; science studies; applied anthropology; history of anthropology; ethnographic methods; migration and transnationalism; indigenous identity and activism.

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  • Eunice Blavascunas

    Eunice Blavascunas

    Associate Professor of Anthropology and Environmental Studies

    Specialties: Environmental Anthropology, Environmental History, Science Technology Studies, Political Ecology, Sustainability, Animal Studies, Postsocialist Anthropology, Forest and Conservation Management, Peasant Studies

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  • Suzanne Morrissey

    Suzanne Morrissey

    Associate Professor of Anthropology

    Maxey Hall 323

    Specialties: Medical Anthropology, Urban Studies, Complementary and Alternative Medicine, Women’s Health, HIV/AIDS, Health Services Research, Program Evaluation Studies; North America.

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  • Rachel George

    Assistant Professor of Anthropology

    Maxey Hall 322

    Specialties: Cultural anthropology, linguistic anthropology, ethnographic methods, and the anthropology of digital media.

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  • Xiaobo Yuan

    Xiaobo Yuan

    Assistant Professor of Anthropology and Religion

    Maxey Hall 321

    SpecialtiesAnthropology of Christianity, religion in contemporary China, urbanization and religious life in global contexts

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  • Stan Thayne

    Stan Thayne

    Lecturer of Anthropology, Environmental Studies and Religion

    Maxey Hall 123

    Specialties: Religion in American Indian nations, ethnography, settler colonial studies, Native American and Indigenous Studies, anthropology and religion, borderlands, diaspora, religion and the environment.

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