Alexander Stage

The newly renovated (fall 2011) Alexander Stage, named for Rod Alexander (Professor of Dramatic Art and Director of Whitman Theatre from 1948-1967) seats 310 patrons and is wheelchair accessible. The semi-thrust stage features a revolving turntable measuring 18'-6" in diameter, a 15' apron with a removable pit cover, and 30' of wing space, a combination of counterweight and electronic hoist fly system, and a lighting system with 144 dimmers.

Freimann Studio Theatre

The Freimann Studio Theatre, named for John R. Freimann (Professor of Theatre, 1962-1992) is our second performance space and provides flexible staging options for season productions. Built in 2011, the theatre measures 60’ X 30’ and can accommodate from sixty to one hundred and fifty audience members depending on the seating configuration. The new, state-of-the-art facility boasts a seventeen-foot-high tension grid for lighting, a 144 dimmer ETC stage lighting system, and digital video and sound options. Wheelchair accessible seating as well as an assisted listening system, is available for audience members. The Studio Theatre is adjacent to the acting classroom and scene shop and just down the hall from the Alexander Stage.

Acting Studio

The acting studio serves as our primary acting classroom, but is also a “smart classroom” and a fully functional performance space. Versatile seating arrangements accommodate sixty to one hundred audience members.

Dance Studio

Our large Dance Studio on Boyer Avenue features a sprung black Marley floor, large windows with natural light, a full wall of mirrors and moveable theatrical curtains which convert the studio into a low-tech black box space. The studio's amenities include a full drum kit, congas, piano and portable barres, as well as smart classroom technology.

Scene Shop

The scene shop is equipped with all the tools needed to produce 6 to 8 fully realized productions per season. It includes full woodworking and some metal working capabilities, properties storage area, an armory and stock scenery units storage.

Design Classroom and Computer Lab

Our design classroom and adjoining computer lab provide space for classes and projects from basic drafting to finished, computer rendered, design paperwork The computer lab is equipped with Macintosh computers and houses a scanner and a 24" plotter.

Costume Shop

The Costume Shop (built in 2011) is located on the second floor of the building and features natural light as well as a complete inventory of construction and maintenance equipment. The Costume Designer's office is located in the shop. It is here that the Costume Designer, professional guest artists, and the student staff, create and maintain the production's costumes. Students are presented with a valuable work opportunity learning design and construction techniques as they produce costumes for HJT Season. The entire costume inventory is housed on site and features over five hundred square feet of costume pieces representing over ninety years of HJT productions.