Senior Math Majors 2016

Are you looking for a major that enables you to develop your analytical thinking, quantitative reasoning, and problem-solving skills, and prepares you for the rigors of professional or graduate school? If you’re someone who enjoyed algebra, calculus, or geometry in high school, our Mathematics and Computer Science Department may be exactly where you belong. As a mathematics major at Whitman, you will discover:

  • An innovative and challenging curriculum that integrates a broad variety of course options in both mathematics and applied mathematics with the study of unique aspects of mathematical exposition.
  • Highly engaging teaching methods that include collaborative, seminar-style discussions, oral presentations, written progress reports and faculty-supervised independent research work.
  • A variety of academic and social events to encourage you to collaborate and interact closely with your professors, including bi-weekly informal meetings through the Mathematics Club, a campus-wide math contest, and an annual banquet hosted for all mathematics majors.
  • Access to extensive technology and computer resources, including a student-staffed lab that features 15 GNU/Linux-based PCs equipped with the Maple and Matlab software packages, GCC compiler tools, and more.