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Center for Global Studies FAQ

Learn more about the concentration in global studies by exploring the questions below.

A concentration is a flexible selection of classes that allows students to emphasize global studies within their existing areas of studies. The concentration organizes existing global education opportunities at Whitman and allows for the intentional integration with off-campus and language experiences to develop multicultural awareness. The concentration offers an individualized experience; students have the opportunity to put together curricular and internship involvement that align with their interests. As part of the program, students are asked to reflect on their global participation and develop excellent communication skills that effectively articulate their global studies experience.

There is high demand for individuals with strong liberal arts training who are capable of working with complex, multi-dimensional data in culturally competent ways. This dedicated focus to global learning will help you be more prepared for our global economy and environment, helping you reflect critically on global issues, problems and dynamics. You will be better prepared to be a citizen of the world and tackle these issues head-on. As a global studies student, you will work with a dedicated adviser at least four times during your studies to assess your learning and plan your path.

The concentration is created to allow you to select from courses that also meet other degree requirements for your program. You’ll have an advisor assigned to you so that you make steady progress through both your major program and the concentration.

Engaging with the world beyond the Whitman campus is required as part of the global studies concentration. This can be a traditional semester abroad experience, a short-term Crossroads Course or a globally-focused internship you complete right here in Walla Walla. Your adviser will work with you and Off-Campus Studies to help you meet this requirement.

Students could declare the concentration as early as they would like but will need to have declared a major course of study. The concentration must be declared by the second week of fall semester of the senior year.

As some requirements for the concentration can be fulfilled in part through experiential activities there is no exact number of credits required for the concentration. Typically students will take 6-8 classes to fulfill the concentration.

YES! Courses used to satisfy general education distribution, a major, or a minor can also be used to fulfill requirements for the Global Studies Concentration.

No. We believe that it is important for the integrative aspects of the concentration that all work be done at the collegiate level.

No. To satisfy the requirements of the CGS, all students must successfully complete 6 college credits of a language other than English regardless of their proficiency in other languages. The requirement is not waived for international students whose native language is not English, for heritage speakers of other languages, or for students who place high in Whitman's language placement.

Early in the process students are asked to complete a Google Form soliciting relevant student information and preferences for advisors. The director will then assign faculty advisors, taking into consideration student preferences, advisor willingness, workload distribution etc.

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