Incoming Student or Prospective Family?

Please visit our Information for Incoming Students page to find out how to get started. 

Returning Student?

You can renew accommodations at any time, or, if you are not a student that is enrolled with our office, you are welcome to discuss what options might be available to you regarding accommodations. Please find a time on Antonia's booking site for a meeting, which can be done in-person, over the phone, or over video conference. 

A Culture of Care & Excellence in Access

Whitman College is committed to the education of all qualified stu­dents, regardless of disability status. The American with Disabilities Act and subsequent updates to that legislation require that the College ensures that all pro­grams and services provided by the College are genuinely accessible and offered to all qualified students. Academic Resource Center staff members work with staff and faculty colleagues to ensure that materials and instruction can be accessed and understood and that students are able to demonstrate their knowledge and interest appropriately as well. Our office and our campus partners are committed to reducing or circumventing the barriers to access that people with disabilities face, and welcome your feedback and cooperation as we work towards achieving equity for all students. 

Disability Policy

Whitman College will not exclude otherwise qualified applicants or students with disabilities from participation in, or access to, its academic, housing, or extracurricular programs. "Otherwise qualified" refers to students who without consideration of disability are admissible to the College. Program participation will not be denied to a student with a disability when that person, with or without a reasonable accommodation, can perform the essential functions required of that program.

Requesting Accommodations

Students with disabilities, who wish to receive accommodations or services other than those offered to all students, must (1) disclose the disability, (2) provide documentation showing a need for an accommodation, and (3) make a personal request for accommodations to the Assistant Director of Academic Resources: Disability Support, Antonia KeithahnSelf-identification is voluntary. 

Documentation Guidelines

  1. The documentation must be from an individual who is qualified by education and experience to diagnose the specific disability.
  2. It is not appropriate for professionals to evaluate members of their own families for the purpose of documentation of a disability; however, input from parents is welcome.
  3. All reports should be typed or legibly written on letterhead. They must be dated and signed.
  4. The documentation must include the instruments and standards used to evaluate the student, and should describe the manner in which the student is substantially limited in one or more major life activities.
  5. The documentation must be current, within five years for learning disabilities, or three years for all other disabilities.
  6. The report can list recommended accommodations; however the staff in the ARC determine whether an accommodation is appropriate and reasonable.