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November 1, 2023: November Is Native American Heritage Month

By Jeanine Gordon, Special Assistant to the President for Native American Outreach & Tebraie Banda-Johns, Director of the Intercultural Center


On December 14, 1915, Red Fox James, who rode on horseback from state to state seeking approval for a day to honor Indians, presented endorsements of 24 state governments at the White House. Even though there is no record of such a national day being proclaimed, there have been several similar declarations through the years in various states. President George H. W. Bush approved a resolution that designated November of 1990 as National American Indian Heritage Month. Other proclamations have followed every year since 1994.

Native American Heritage Month (NAHM) is intended to encourage mindfulness and celebration of the history, culture, traditions and important contributions of Native Americans. NAHM carves out a time for people to focus on educating the public about Native American Tribes, elevate awareness about past and present challenges and celebrate victories in overcoming challenges.

There are many ways to encourage participation in NAHM for our Tribal communities and for our surrounding non-native communities. Whatever activities we choose to participate in, if any, let us ever be mindful and celebrate in our hearts. We have history, we have culture, we have traditions, we contribute richly, we have challenges, we overcome and we are victorious.

We invite you to join us for the following events hosted by Whitman College during Native American Heritage Month:

Published on Nov 1, 2023
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