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Spring 2022

Whitman Magazine

Women in Blue
Feature Story

Women in Blue

Learn about the history of women’s athletics at Whitman College.

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Feature Stories

Enjoy highlights from this issue of Whitman Magazine.

Kathy Murray

Message from the President

I’m sitting in the Seattle airport as I begin to write this—my last letter for Whitman Magazine. This space, like so many others in the Pacific Northwest, has become very familiar over the course of these seven years. 

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Michelle Janning

Digging Into Everyday Life

Someone once referred to Whitman College sociology professor Michelle Janning as an archaeologist of contemporary society—the kind of person who pokes around in your underwear drawer to figure out what’s going on with the world.

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art studio

Spaces: Fouts Senior Studios

In the Fouts Center for the Visual Arts, the Ben G. Stone Studio Wing, houses two stories of art studios. These individual studios are reserved for senior art majors, offering each student a space of their own to create work for their thesis exhibition at Sheehan Gallery.

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Sueli Gwiazdowski

Fighting for What’s Right

Inspired by the experiences and grit of her mother, Súeli B. Gwiazdowski says she’s known advocacy and the law would be a part of her future from a young age. 

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Kathy Murray

Farewell, President Murray

“Your business here is to learn.” It’s a phrase so closely associated with President Kathleen Murray—since her first Whitman College Convocation address in 2015—that when campus closed due to COVID-19 in March 2020, students gave it a darkly comedic pandemic twist on social media: “Your business here is to leave.”

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Jim Edmunds

Ingenious Collaboration

Jim Edmunds wasn’t sure what his next step would be after graduating from Whitman College. “Like a lot of students, I was sort of a blank slate as to what I was going to do,” he says. At the time, he didn’t see himself creating a company that would ultimately give back to both Whitman and to the greater Walla Walla business community.

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Vintage women's sports team

Women in Blue

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the landmark gender equality legislation Title IX, which transformed women’s sports in high schools and colleges—including Whitman College. But the history of women’s athletics at Whitman goes back well before 1972.

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Hope Lozita

Small Towns, Big Hope

As a student at Whitman College, HB Lozito majored in environmental studies and politics—but they also learned printmaking, helped run the campus garden, and studied tiger conservation and the international wildlife trade while studying abroad in India.

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On Boyer Avenue

What’s happening on campus—community and college news.

Tribal Tradition

A Plateau Long Tent temporarily erected on campus provides a place for a unique learning experience.

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Devon Player

Devon Player ’23 Named Newman Civic Fellow

Whitman College junior sociology major Devon Player from Snoqualmie, Washington, has received a Newman Civic Fellowship from Campus Compact.

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Nampaso ’23 and Mwangi ’24 Awarded Projects for Peace Grants

Whitman College junior Joy Nina Nampaso and sophomore Stacy Mwangi have each been awarded up to $10,000 from the Projects for Peace program, which enables students at partner institutions to develop innovative, community-centered projects addressing critical issues around the world.

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Alums Urge Action on Climate

Jaimes Valdez ’03 and Juliana Williams ’07 share local strategies for addressing global challenges

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Whitties Around the World

After a pandemic-provoked hiatus, the Off-Campus Studies program resumed in Fall 2021. Read about some students’ far-flung adventures.

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Whitman Magazine is the flagship publication of Whitman College. It supports the college and its strategic goals by telling our best stories, whether about alumni, students, faculty, staff, donors or the institution itself. 

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