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Spaces: KWCW Radio Station

KWCW studio.

Broadcasting from its own floor in the Reid Campus Center, you can hear the college’s student-led radio station—KWCW 90.5 FM—locally in Walla Walla or streamed online. The nonprofit studio allows students of any major a means of creative exploration while actively engaging the larger community.


When the radio station was first created, back in 1971, it was housed in Whitman’s Student Union Building. In 2002, it moved to its current location, shown here.


(Pictured above, DJ Claire Andrus ’24 from Fort Worth, Texas.) Radio hosts plan their own content and are encouraged to make their shows unique, entertaining listeners with their diverse music taste, thoughts, opinions and humor. “Since I wanted a talk show vibe, I tried to give each ‘episode’ a theme and stuck with it for the entire hour,” says Angel Baikakedi ’24, an economics major from Gaborone, Botswana. I really enjoyed it!”


Published on Oct 20, 2022
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