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It is the mission of the Organic Garden to create a garden of abundant nourishment; nourishment for the community, the mind, the body, the spirit, and the future. The philosophy of the Organic Garden is to foster an environment filled with experimentation, composting and the recycling of waste, no chemical pesticides or fertilizers (for the health of people and the planet), education (learning from the Earth, each other and shared ideas), respect for nature, celebration of life and appreciation for where food comes from. The garden grows a wide variety of both annual and perennial vegetables, fruits, and herbs ranging from raspberries to bok choy to butternut squash. In an effort to improve soil fertility, the Student Organic Garden uses food scraps from student houses and composts it with other materials provided by the physical plant. Our purpose is to get dirty and enjoy the process of growing food.

Holds Open Garden Wednesdays 4-6pm, Fridays 3-5pm, and Saturdays 2-4 pm (Open Gardens are not held during the winter when the ground is frozen)


Contact:  Will Booth ( and Casey Doe (

Adviser: Bob Biles ( and Andrea Kelley (

Organic Garden

Organic Garden