• Viscous Elixir

    A poem commissioned for "Whitman Magazine" by Katrina Roberts, Mina Schwabacher Professor of English/Creative Writing and Humanities.

  • Good Chemistry

    Senior Lecturers of Chemistry Deberah Simon ’72 and Machelle Hartman mastermind a course so popular with Whitman students that there’s a three-year waitlist for it. The imaginative design of Chemistry in Art, a lab class for non-science majors, appeals to students across the disciplines.

  • The Forgotten Emotion

    Does Professor Thomas Armstrong’s research into the psychology of disgust hold the key to more effective treatments for anxiety disorders?

  • Life Under Water

    Oceanographer Nancy Prouty ’93 and evolutionary biologist Katie Wagner ’04 investigate the planet’s deepest aquatic habitats to explore and protect underwater ecosystems.

  • From the Gridiron to the Stage to the Page

    How to define Dirk Benedict ’67, given all the sides to him? As an actor, he starred on Broadway; made his movie debut in "Georgia, Georgia," written by Maya Angelou; and earned fame and fortune on TV in "Battlestar Galactica" (as Lt. Starbuck) and "The A-Team" (as Templeton “Faceman” Peck). The writer, actor and Whitman theatre major spoke to "Whitman Magazine" about his career and his life after Whitman.

  • Finding Their Voice

    Kaitie Dong ’18 and Cassandra Otero ’18 share more than having lived in the same section in Anderson Hall as first years. They also advocate for social justice—and move the bar forward in significant ways.