• Admission Packets

    The Class of 2022 got more than just a letter in the mail. Check out some Walla Walla High School students’ reactions to being surprised with news of their college acceptance plus a box of Whitman swag.

  • Undergraduate Conference

    More than 200 students participated in the 2018 Whitman Undergraduate Conference, a full day of moderated panels, poster presentations, musical performances and artistic exhibitions from every corner of campus.

  • Watson Fellowship Winners

    Two Whitman graduates received Thomas J. Watson Fellowships to travel the globe in search of answers to their research questions.

  • Whitman Investment Company

    Getting involved in the Whitman Investment Company, which manages a portfolio of more than $1,000,000, provides a hands-on learning opportunity for students interested in finance.

  • Power and Privilege Symposium

    Students examined issues of structural inequality during the fifth annual Power & Privilege Symposium, a series of student-run events and campuswide workshops culminating in a keynote speech by civil rights activist DeRay Mckesson.