Winter photo of Memorial Hall

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Whitman students plan to spend winter break by traveling near and far, from a few blocks in Walla Walla to Waldon Pond to Spain to China. Some will celebrate finishing their four years of coursework early; others will return to campus early for RA training. All intend to spend at least a little quality time with family and friends from home. Here's a survey.

"I'm actually graduating at the end of this semester, so it's less of a break and more of a finish line. After some holiday time with family, I plan on, hopefully, finding a job in my hometown and finding the time to make a quick trip around the Pacific Northwest to visit friends before they go abroad or back to Whitman. In late January, I have plans to go to Utah to volunteer for the Sundance Film Festival with some friends from home. Afterward, I hope to make and save some money through the spring before coming back to walk during graduation and then flock to a city with a couple of friends who will be graduating in May."
Jordan Miller '17, film and media studies major, from Eagle, Idaho  

"Heading home to Colorado to spend time with my family and some good friends, then coming back here to work."
AnnaMarie McCorvie '18, politics major, from Boulder, Colorado  

"Going to Spain to spend time with family and friends—to Granada to visit my dad's family, hiking with my family and trying to do a little bit of sports with my brother."
Lola Albarral Bravo '20, sociology-environmental studies major, from Málaga, Spain  

"My family is going Seattle to see the Broadway production of The Book of Mormon. Other than that, I'll be enjoying some time with family and friends and hoping for snow."
James Bogley '20, mathematics major, from Walla Walla  

"I am going home to Illinois. I am super excited to have all of my siblings together to celebrate the holidays and spend time with friends from home. I'm also driving to Pennsylvania to visit Afton Weaver '20, a German studies and economics-environmental studies major. It will be really fun to meet all her friends from home and get in a good road trip."
Alex Brockman '20, English major, from Berwyn, Illinois  

"I think I will be seeing the famous Walden Pond for the first time. Other than that, just spending time with my family and hometown friends. And then back to Whitman for RA training."
Harry Kelso '20, from Duxbury, Massachusetts  

"Traveling back home is so long, but it's so worth it. I am so thrilled to eat some authentic Chinese food and celebrate the New Year with my family." 
Peipei Cai '21, from Guangzhou, China