What is the FG/WC Mentorship Program?

The goal of the First Generation/Working Class (FG/WC) Mentorship Program is to build a strong and lasting relationship between incoming FG/WC students and current FG/WC students on campus. The current FG/WC student will act as a peer mentor for the purpose of supporting, assisting, and being a resource on campus for their mentee through frequent interactions and open communication. To foster a strong relationship between mentor and mentee, the Mentorship Program puts on special workshops, events, and activities specifically for FG/WC students. These programs are designed to aid with the transition to college, adjusting to college culture and accessing resources. At the end of the year-long program, mentees will have the knowledge and tools to access the resources offered at Whitman.

The Mentorship Program consists of two parts:

  • The Peer Mentorship Program pairs incoming and returning FG/WC students.
  • The Staff Mentorship Program pairs incoming FG/WC students with Whitman staff members who have an interest and commitment to mentoring a FG/WC student. A FG/WC student can have both a peer mentor and a staff mentor.

Why does the Mentorship Program exist?

All Whitman students come to campus with questions about the inner workings of the college, personal responsibility, and how to navigate the processes to provide the greatest opportunities. FG/WC students, on average, experience a greater barrier than the traditional student in answering these questions. All students have to figure out class scheduling, studying, work, financial aid and paperwork. Without family who have the time and/or resources to help or provide insight into the workings of a college community, FG/WC students are more alone in their quest than much of our student body.

The Mentorship Program seeks to overcome these obstacles by providing FG/WC identified students with a peer mentor, staff mentor, and year-long programming to gain access and familiarity to Whitman's resources.

Contact for information or questions:

Jennifer C. Lopez
Mentorship Program Adviser
(509) 522-4410