What is the Mentorship Program?

The FG/WC Mentorship Program aims to foster a strong and meaningful relationship between mentee and peer mentor that will extend beyond the first year. A peer mentor will be a familiar face and act as a guide, a resource, and a friend. Participants will gain knowledge and skills in the content areas of academics, finances/budgeting, career development, and explore the liberal arts college experience. The new knowledge gained will assist participants in their transition to college. All participants and peer mentors will grow in their ability to self- advocate to access resources, engage with faculty and staff, and connect with peers across various identities. At the programs end, mentees will have the knowledge and tools to access the resources offered at Whitman and have built a community that seeks to nurture the success of FG/WC students.

What does "FG/WC" mean?

FG/WC is an acronym for first-generation and/or working-class. A first generation college student is defined as having neither parent/guardian graduate from a four-year degree granting institution. Working-class is defined as an individual that is Pell Eligible or who receives little to no financial contribution towards college from their parent/guardian.

Who are peer mentors and what's their role?

Peer mentors are older FG/WC students who have applied to be peer mentors for the Mentorship Program. Peer mentors are trained in various methods of engaging with and advising mentees, and receive support and guidance from the program staff adviser. A peer mentor is matched with multiple mentees (the first year participants) based on similar academic interests and needs. The peer mentor checks-in on a regular basis with their mentees about academics, social life, and the college experience. Peer mentors are friends, allies, and supporters for their mentees as they transition to college.

How to participate in the Mentorship Program

All first-year FG/WC students are able to apply to participate in the Mentorship Program. If you have participated in the Summer Fly-In, you will receive an email invitation to join the program. If you were unable to attend the Fly-In, the Mentorship Program staff adviser and student intern will host a tabling session during the Student Activities Fair.

For questions about FG/WC mentor program contact:

Laura Sanchez
Director of the Intercultural Center