WUC 2020 Special Feature: Department of Computer Science Senior Capstone Conference
Newsroom: Computer Science Senior Capstones Solve Real-World Problems

Musical contributions annually supplement the Whitman Undergraduate Conference.  In lieu of their planned performances, please enjoy these recordings featuring participants of the Jazz I and II and Chamber Ensembles:
Jazz Ensembles Fall 2019 Concert | Jazz Ensemble I: Homage to the Village
Jazz Ensemble I: Moon Over Bourbon Street | Chamber Music Fall 2019 Concert

The COVID-19 pandemic has altered learning, campus life and community at Whitman in a way never experienced in the history of the college. The 22nd Whitman Undergraduate Conference is one of many major annual events cancelled in the Spring 2020 term as Whitman transitions to remote learning and social distancing. Yet, as Rumi observed eight centuries ago, “Anything you lose comes round in another form.” 

Think, then, of the WUC program posted here as a living chronicle that documents and honors the achievements of the 215 students committed to this year’s Undergraduate Conference. Appreciate the breadth of their work, from “Molecular Matters” to “Race, Identity and Autonomy” to “The Arts and Its Discontents.” Celebrate the 70 poster contributors, a record for the conference. 

The Undergraduate Conference is devoted entirely to student achievement. Presenters represent every academic discipline of the college. Their projects attest to the original work that Whitman students produce through their courses of study, study abroad, independent research experiences, fellowships, scholarships, grants and internships. 

Our hope and plan is to capture many if not all of this year’s oral and poster presentations in video and PDF form, respectively, on this website. Work on this project is under way. Invitations to see and hear these efforts will follow. 

Congratulations and heartfelt thanks to all of this year’s Undergraduate Conference contributors. Your research and scholarship educates and inspires all of us.

The conference is organized by the  Office of Fellowships and Grants. For more information contact office director Keith Raether at  raethekr@whitman.edu or administrative assistant Jenny Stratton at strattjm@whitman.edu.

Presenters: archive your work permanently in the Penrose Library ARMINDA Collections