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Guidelines for Group Presentations

Students may elect to themselves organize a full panel-length (75-minute) group presentation with the approval of a faculty sponsor.

For example, several students may have worked together on a common project (e.g., blue moon/quarterlife or a collaborative class project). One student is responsible for submitting a proposal for the entire group. "Group Presentation" is indicated as the type of presentation, and the names of all other presenters are included in the corresponding text box in the online application. Note: group presentations (60-75 minutes) differ from joint oral presentations (15 minutes); see the explanation of different presention types under General Guidelines and Instructions.

Computer Science Capstone group presentation time slots are one-half of a full panel session, or about 38 minutes.

For more information about group presentations, contact Dr. Jess Hernandez, Chair of the WUC Organizing Committee, at hernand2@whitman.edu.

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