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2011 Summer Research Interns

2011 Summer Research Projects

 •  Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Summer Research Interns

Nathan Ord (BBMB major, 2012)
Project title: Analyzing the Antibody Response Against H-Y Antigens
Lab mentor:  Hootie Warren

My project analyzed the antibody response against six genes encoded on the Y chromosome (H-Y antigens)  in the blood serum of patients who have undergone female to male bone marrow transplants.  The goal is to understand the immune response that
develops after bone marrow transplant against minor histocompatibility

Lab Image

Nathan Ord (C) with lab mentors Takakazu Kawase (L) and Andrea Towlerton (R)


Madeline Schutt (Biology major, 2012)
Project title:  Regulation of Cdk2 Activity by Positive Feedback Control
Lab Mentor: Bruce Clurman

The lab investigates normal cell cycle control in mammalian cells, and how abnormal cell division occurs in tumor cells.  I spent the summer looking at how cyclin-dependent kinase 2 (Cdk2), a Cdk active at the G1/S transition of the cell cycle, can regulate its
own activity via a positive feedback mechanism involving the Wee1 kinase and the Cdc25a phosphatase.

Summer Intern

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