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2010 Summer Research Interns

2010 Summer Research Projects

 •  Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Summer Research Interns

Daniel Hart (Biology major, 2011)
Project title:  Identifying genes required for germ cell rearrangement in the C. elegans gonad
Lab Mentors:  Jeffrey N. Molk & James R Priess

Projection Description: In the laboratory of Dr. James Priess, Dan studied cell rearrangement and the modulation of cell adhesion in the model system Caenorhabditis elegans. He conducted a targeted RNAi screen to identify genes that affect cell intercalation in the gonad. Several candidate genes, including cytoskeletal and cell signaling factors, were identified.

Photo of Daniel Hart in the Priess Laboratory

Brian Wakefield (Biology major, 2011)
Project title:  Effect of small molecule inhibitors of Aurora Kinase A on growth and survival of murine pancreatic tumor cells
Lab Mentor: Sunil Hingorani

Brian Wakefield in Hingorani Lab

 •  On-campus Summer Research Teams

Professor Allison Calhoun, Chemistry Dept
HHMI research fellows: Kyle Byrd-Fisher (2011) and Haya Jamali (2012)
Project: Analysis of Micelle Core Size Using Xe-NMR

Haya Jamali and Kyle Bird-Fisher

Kyle and Haya in the lab

Professor Marion Gotz, Chemistry Dept
HHMI research fellows: Brandon Fennell (2011) and Julia Warren (2012) for Clan CA Proteases

Gotz lab
Marion, Julia, Brandon, Matt, and Stephanie

Professor Doug Juers, BBMB program & Physics Dept
HHMI research fellows:  Haley Marshall (2011) and Murugu Venkat (2012)
Project:  Investigations of Osmolytes as Precipitating Agents for Protein Crystallization

Juers Lab
Doug, Murugu, Jackson, and Haley

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