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2009 Summer Research Interns

2009 Summer Research Projects

 •  Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center Summer Research Interns

Amelia Gallaher (Biology major, 2010)
Project title:  Interaction of Primate  Lentiviral Genes Vpu and Nef on Host Immune Response
Lab Mentor:  Michael Emerman
Amelia Gallaher



Julie Grimm (Biology major, 2010)
Project title:  A Screen for Modifiers of the Fasting Dependent Switch to Fat Metabolism in C elegans
Lab mentor: Marc Van Gilst


 •  On campus Summer Research Teams


Professor Kendra Golden, Biology Dept
Daniel Hart (2011), Brian Mooers (BBMB major, 2010), and Chris Yoo (BBMB major, 2010)
Project:  Immune Response of Manduca Sexta to Bacterial Infection in the Presence of Bacteriophages



Professor Marion Gotz,  Chemistry Dept
Brandon Fennell (2011) and Hannah Main (Chemistry major, 2010)
Project:  Synthesis and Evaluation of Peptidyl Allyl Sulfones as Inhibitors for Parasitic Proteases



Professor Leena Knight, Biology Dept
Johanna Robertson (2011) and Lauren Bolkovatz (Biology major, 2010)
Project:   Uncovering the Role of Insulin in the Efficacy of the Ketogenic Diet


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