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Andrés Aragoneses

Andrés Aragoneses

Associate Professor of Physics

Professor Andrés Aragoneses is a physicist doing experimental and numerical research in photonics, complex dynamics, and chaos.

He got his PhD in 2014 at the University Politècnica de Catalunya (Spain) with title “Experimental study of feedback-induced dynamics in semiconductor lasers: from symbolic analysis to subwavelength position sensing”. In 2014 he went to Duke University (NC) to do research at Professor Daniel J. Gauthier’s laboratory on Quantum Key Distribution. From Duke he moved to to Carleton College (MN) in 2016 as Visiting Assistant Professor, where he performed, un undergraduate students, numerical research in chaos and physics education research. In 2018 he moved to Eastern Washington University as Assistant Professor. There he setup a laboratory and continued his experimental research on complex dynamics of diode lasers, as well as in studying ways to characterize and distinguish families of chaos.

He is currently doing experiments in his laboratory (Hall of Science 254) at Whitman College (since 2023), and numerical research in chaos.

His research interests have moved from Cosmology to electric properties of dielectric materials, to complex dynamics in photonic systems, chaos, quantum key distribution, or physics education.

Dr. Aragoneses has recorded and uploaded to YouTube for open access some of his lectures:


Dr. Aragoneses has written two (hard) science-fiction novels (“Small World” and “Slow Light”) where he explores aspects of physics through its characters:


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