Matthew Bost

Assistant Professor of Rhetoric, Writing and Public Discourse

Olin 148

Professor Bost joined the RWPD Department in the fall of 2016. His work focuses on the relationship between rhetoric, philosophy, social change.  His work has been published in Rhetoric Society Quarterly, Philosophy and Rhetoric, The Review of Communication, Argumentation and Advocacy, and other spaces. His recent publications have explored the role of trope in Karl Marx's Eighteenth Brumaire of Louis Bonaparte, the nonhuman element in Marx and Engels' rhetoric, and the relationship between debt and political community in Marx's The Civil War in France

Professor Bost's teaching specialties include classical and contemporary rhetorical theory, freedom of speech and expression, and the intersections between rhetoric, identity and social change, with particular focus on feminist and queer rhetoric and social movements rooted in class. At Whitman, Professor Bost's courses include Rhetorical Theory, Rhetoric, Gender and Sexuality, Rhetoric and Capitalism, and The Senses in Civic Life. He also teaches the department's senior seminar.