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Velez's Portrait

Carlos Velez

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Music, Composition

Featuring a number of works for various chamber ensembles, the music of Carlos Velez has been performed in venues across the United States and Japan. Many of Velez's compositions have been the product of fruitful artistic collaborations, and his works have been performed by The United States Army Band Clarinet Quartet, the Canton Symphony Orchestra, the Whitman College Orchestra, the Tosca Duo, Clarinundrum, the Una Voce Clarinet Quartet, and others. As a performer, Carlos has had a remarkably versatile career, serving as the solo flutist, and founding member of NeXT ens., as well as the Cincinnati Real-Time Composers. Dr. Velez studied flute at Stetson University, the Conservatoire Olivier Messiaen Ecole Nationale de Musique, Danse, et Theatre du Grand Avignon in Avignon, France, and the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music. He is currently a NTT Assistant Professor of Music at Western Oregon University, where he teaches music theory, aural skills, composition, and flute. He holds degrees in composition from the Cleveland Institute of Music, the University of Cincinnati College-Conservatory of Music, and Stetson University.

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