We are looking for reviews of literature, empirical papers, or theory-based documents. With the possible exception of theses.

Most of the submissions we would expect to receive from students would be reviews of literature, (although we strongly encourage students to consider submitting empirical and theoretical papers).

Below are some guidelines for writing a review of the literature:

  • Central question (public policy, cause-effect, correlation, or historical analysis).
  • Present an argument, support with data, research models.
  • Not just reporting but contributing own analysis.
  • No set length though probably around fifteen pages.
  • Should use several sources (preference for articles and not textbooks).
  • Don't choose a topic to apply models, rather choose an interesting topic and apply models as needed.

Please email all submissions to Professor Parcells parcells@whitman.edu.

For any questions about submitting material, please also email Professor Parcells parcells@whitman.edu.