• Mark Juhasz

    Mark Juhasz

    Associate Professor of Chemistry, Chair

    Hall of Science 352
    509-527-5207 (phone) 509-527-5904 (fax)

    Professor Juhasz joined the Chemistry Department in 2009. He teaches courses in organic chemistry, advanced synthesis techniques, and physical organic chemistry. He received his Ph.D. in chemistry from the University of California, Riverside, where he worked with carborane anions and the world's strongest acids. Professor Juhasz's team of Whitman student researchers investigates ways to prepare new molecules constructed from a stable core cluster of boron atoms.

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  • Frank Dunnivant

    Frank Dunnivant

    Professor of Chemistry

    Hall of Science 344
    509-527-4751 (phone) 509-527-5904 (fax)

    Professor of Chemistry Frank Dunnivant's early years in the field of chemistry followed what he calls a "nomadic form of science." His research journeys have taken him to locations throughout the United States and the world. His love of teaching that prompted him to pursue opportunities working with students and brought him to Whitman's chemistry department. Dunnivant's research and courses at Whitman focus on chemical education, environmental chemistry and Instrumental Analysis.

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  • Dalia Biswas

    Dalia Biswas

    Associate Professor of Chemistry

    Hall of Science 338
    509-527-5953 (phone) 509-527-5904 (fax)

    Associate Professor of Chemistry Dalia Biswas joined Whitman’s chemistry department in fall 2011. She conducted her postdoctoral work in bioinorganic chemistry at Montana State University and her doctoral work in inorganic/organometallic chemistry at The University of Montana. Biswas’ current research interests are in biological systems that utilize metal atoms for their functions.

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  • Nathan Boland

    Nathan Boland

    Associate Professor of Chemistry

    Hall of Science 374
    509-527-5906 (phone) 509-527-5904 (fax)

    Nathan Boland's interest in analytical, environmental and aquatic chemistry began early. High school internships and undergraduate research nutured and expanded these interests. Boland discovered his love for teaching while serving as a high school chemistry teacher in Batan Rouge with the Teach for America corps. Knowing that he wanted to become a professor at a college where teaching and research scholarship were priorities, he pursued his Ph.D. and joined the chemistry faculty at Whitman in 2012.

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  • Marion Götz

    Marion Götz

    Associate Professor of Chemistry

    Hall of Science 346
    509-527-5957 (phone) 509-527-5904 (fax)

    Associate Professor of Chemistry Marion Götz joined the Department of Chemistry in 2007. She received her Ph.D. at Georgia Tech and performed postdoctoral research at the Max-Planck-Institute for Biochemistry in Munich, Germany. Götz's interest in organic and medicinal chemistry has led her to research involving drug design and synthesis, with a particular focus on potential treatments for Alzheimer's disease, sleeping sickness, Chagas' disease and multiple myeloma. She has received funding for this work from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) and other agencies. She has several publications with Whitman students as co-authors.

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  • Tim Machonkin

    Tim Machonkin

    Associate Professor of Chemistry

    Hall of Science 315
    509-527-5799 (phone) 509-527-5904 (fax)

    Associate Professor of Chemistry Tim Machonkin was born in Rochester, New York to a two-chemist family. His interest in chemistry took off from there, and he attended college at the University of Michigan, where his love of transition metal-containing enzymes began. In 2006, he joined the chemistry faculty at Whitman. His research looks at the mutagenesis of metal-containing enzymes with possible applications in the remediation of pollutants.

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  • Jonathan Collins

    Jonathan Collins

    Assistant Professor of Chemistry

    Hall of Science 224
    509-527-5181 (phone) 509-527-5904 (fax)

    Jonathan Collins discovered his passion for chemistry as an undergraduate student and it has taken him to many corners of the U.S. and across the globe—including a postdoctoral appointment in Dortmund, Germany. As Whitman, he leads The Collins Lab a team of student researchers studying the development and application of biocatalysts for the selective oxyfuntionalization of small molecules. 

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  • Mark Hendricks

    Mark Hendricks

    Assistant Professor of Chemistry

    Hall of Science 358
    509-527-5752 (phone) 509-527-5904 (fax)

    Assistant Professor of Chemistry Mark Hendricks joined the faculty at Whitman College in 2018. He teaches courses in general, physical and materials chemistry. Professor Hendricks received his Ph.D. from the department of chemistry at Columbia University in 2015. His research lab with students, The Hendricks Laboratory, is investigating the synthesis of nanocrystalline materials.  

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  • Machelle Hartman

    Machelle Hartman

    Senior Lecturer of Chemistry

    Hall of Science 224
    509-524-2011 (phone) 509-527-5904 (fax)

    Hartman loves teaching chemistry—especially when she can connect general chemistry to other fields and interests. She's passionate about developing clear scientific communication within scientific communities and with diverse audiences outside of these scientific communities. The general chemistry curriculum that Hartman teaches includes opportunities for students to develop these important communication skills. 

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  • Vicki Britt

    Chemistry Stockroom & Facilities Manager

    Hall of Science 327
    509-527-5272 (phone) 509-527-5904 (fax)
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