Art History

Art History (ARTH) at Whitman is an interdisciplinary curriculum focused on histories of and through art and architecture. Working with professors, campus exhibitions and collections, and a range of arts organizations, students investigate the production, circulation, reception, meaning, and impact of images, objects, and built environments. The major and minor programs offer critical study of artistic traditions, museums, and monuments; art histories of the environment, race, religion, and empire; and regional, national, and transnational visual cultures. Graduates are able to work in fields that require cross-cultural knowledge and sensitivity, such as education, museum curation and collections management, conservation and appraisal, law, journalism, and arts administration.

Core Faculty

Krista H. Gulbransen, Associate Professor of Art History and Department Chair (2022)
South Asian art and architecture; manuscript illustration, portraiture and modes of cultural exchange; historical and contemporary methods of museum display.

Libby Miller, Senior Adjunct Assistant Professor of Art History and General Studies
Monuments, memorials and museums; Egyptian art, archeology and fine arts discourse; historical narratives.

Matthew Reynolds, Associate Professor of Art History
Visual culture studies; art and the environment; community-based learning

Lisa Uddin, Associate Professor of Art History, Paul Garett Fellow 
Visual cultures of race and settler colonialism; minoritarian aesthetics; architecture and urbanism in the United States.


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