English Department courses focus on the study of English, American and global Anglophone Literatures; on literary and critical theory; and on the practice of analytic, scholarly, and creative writing.

TRAJECTORIES: Alumna Sophie Lucido Johnson's book, Many Love, will be published next year.

Sophie Lucido Johnson

TRAJECTORIES: Alumna Brianna Gormly '13 is the new Digital Initiatives Librarian at Franklin & Marshall College.

Brianna Gormly

STUDENT OPPORTUNITIES: Molly Walls' paper "Moby-Click: Deconstructionism, the Internet, and Placing Melville in the Tech Age," is the winner of the 2016 Jackson Award!

TRAJECTORIES: English Major Hillary Smith '16 has earned a prestigious internship with Copper Canyon Press.

FACULTY: Professor Katrina Roberts' most recent anthology "Because You Asked" was reviewed in the June issue of The Boston Review.

Because You Asked

STUDENT OPPORTUNITIES: During the final week of the spring semester, Advanced Creative Nonfiction students held a participatory reading of Maggie Nelson's "The Argonauts."

Argonauts reading

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