Hello and Welcome to Whitman! 

We are thrilled to have you join the Whitman College community! And if you are still making your decision, we hope the following information will be helpful to you. 

Academic Accommodations

To request disability accommodations at Whitman, please follow the procedures outlined in our Information for Students. You may begin this process any time after officially enrolling at Whitman College.

To get started, you are welcome to submit disability documentation to our office at any time. We are happy to receive your paperwork however it is easiest for you to send it. You may send:

  • A digital copy over e-mail to Antonia Keithahn, Associate Director of Academic Resources, at keithaam@whitman.edu.
  • A printed copy to:

Antonia Keithahn
Academic Resource Center
345 Boyer Avenue
Walla Walla, WA 99362

  • A faxed copy to 509.526.4701. 

Once you have finalized your course schedule, you will need to meet in person with Antonia Keithahn for an intake meeting to discuss your accommodation needs with respect to your specific courses. 

Please note: if you anticipate requesting accommodations that require coordination in advance (eg, access to textbooks in an alternative format, interpreting services) we encourage you to contact our office during the summer to allow additional time for coordination of your accommodations.

Emotional Support Animals

If you have an emotional support animal or would like more information on our policies, please visit our page about Emotional Support Animals

Accommodations during Orientation week

If you anticipate needing accommodations during Orientation week (placement exam accommodations, accessible transportation, interpreting services, etc), please submit your disability documentation to DSS and indicate what accommodations you are requesting specifically for Orientation week. Please be aware that there is a mandatory writing assessment during the Fall Orientation. Getting in touch with our office early will ensure that we are able to provide appropriate accommodations for this assessment and for other programming during orientation week. 

Health Provider Resources

The Welty Health Center and Counseling Center staff can provide information on medical and mental health care, medication management, and referrals to off-campus providers. You may also e-mail Antonia Keithahn for a list of community resources for counseling, therapy, and medication management. 


Incoming students, parents, and family members who have questions about the accommodations intake and request process are welcome to contact us via phone or email, or to schedule a phone or in-person appointment with Antonia KeithahnAssociate Director of Academic Resources.