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Testing Information

Welcome to Testing at the ARC!

Things to Know Before Scheduling an Exam:

  • The student must have active accommodations to schedule an exam. If unsure about accommodations status or need to set up accommodations, please contact Laura Cummings. (Professors will receive notice of students with accommodations at the beginning of each term.)
  • Forms must be turned in 2 Business Days prior to the day the student wishes to take the exam (For example: to take an exam on Wednesday the form must be turned in on Monday, or to take an exam on Tuesday the form must be turned in by Friday)
  • Final Exam Scheduling: Students wishing to schedule exams during finals week at the ARC must schedule their exams by the deadline specified for each term. (Traditionally 2 weeks before the start of final exams.)

How to Schedule an Exam:

Step 1:

Fill out the Test Scheduling Form 

Step 2:

Meet with your professor to discuss when you will be taking the exam, allow your professor to fill in the bottom portion of the form and sign it.

Step 3:

Return the form to Laura Cummings at cummingl@whitman.edu.

Forms & Resources:

ARC Test Scheduling Form

Test Proctoring Agreement

Finals Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • If I miss an exam due to an excused absence (sick, sports etc.) can I make up my exam at the ARC? You can only make up your exam at the ARC if you have testing accommodations.
  • What happens if I miss the deadline to schedule my final exam? Because of the number of students and exams scheduled during finals week students must meet the scheduling deadline to ensure space for testing. If students miss the deadline they will need to talk to their professor and see if they are able to accommodate the student. Otherwise the student will take it with their class.
  • What happens if I miss my scheduled time to take an exam? Contact the ARC As Soon AS Possible to let us know you will be unable to make your scheduled time. Within reason ARC staff will work to reschedule your exam.
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