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Ranking Information

Ranks are marked by colored bands beneath the shoulder patch.

Testing occurs on individual occasions as determined by the Head Instructor. Members wishing to test can do so only if the Head Instructor offers to perform the testing. If a member wishes for a testing, the candidate cannot bring the request to the Head Instructor's attention, but must instead convince a member in good standing of at least the rank he/she wishes to test for (and at least the 2nd rank) to act as a sponsor on his/her behalf. This sponsor is also responsible for making sure the candidate is adequately prepared for the rank testing.

When the testing occurs, all actions requiring 2 people will be performed by the candidate and her/his sponsor. The Head Instructor (the tester) will direct the actions and observe so as to score the candidate. The candidate should not be penalized for mistakes made by the sponsor; instead, the Head Instructor should ask them to repeat the action.

Each rank confers upon the fencer a set of permissions to accompany their new rank.

First Rank

Second Rank

Third Rank

Fourth Rank

Fifth Rank

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