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Second Rank – Red Band - Intermediate Foil

The purpose of this test is to show that a fencer has a solid understanding of first rank material. Furthermore, this test will demonstrate competence with more advanced techniques and tactics.


A) Length of attendance:

It is suggested that a new club member attend regularly (at least twice per week) for 1 semester before testing for this rank.

Minimum attendance time before testing: 20 practices as a first rank before examination. (In the case of a new member with previous experience at another club, this time serves to assure that the member has patience, and forces them to review the techniques of foil, which are essential to the practice of all the weapons).

B) Participation

Participate in at least 2 events (tournaments, symposiums, etc) other than weekly meetings. Compete in three public bouts. Judge two bouts

C) Candidate must be of the 1st rank.

The Testing:

All techniques should be done from a proper guard, attacks should be done with a properly executed lunge, etc. A salute should be made when beginning techniques that touch a living opponent. Failure in these things is equivalent to failure in the technique.

A) Candidate must demonstrate the following skills/techniques:

    Jump Back
    Gaining on the Lunge

       Single Feint
          By Disengagement
          By Glide
          Technical Note: Eluding Parries...
                by Disengage or by Deceive, depending on parry encountered.
          Double Feint
          Triple-Feint Theory
       Semi-circular parries (French)
       Diagonal parries (Italian “Half-Circle Parry)
       Beat parries
       Compound Riposte
          By Disengage
          By Feint
    Actions on the Blade:
       Simple Beat
       Circular Beat
       Disengagement in Time
       Stop thrust (Arrest) (counterattack launched on opponents initial advanceof attack or preparation)
       Time Thrust (One “fencing time action that interrupts a multi-tempoattack, eg. pasatta sotto)
       Body Evasions
         Pasatta Sotto

B) Candidates must be able to explain the following topics:

First and Second Intention Actions
    Probing Actions

Rules & Officiating:
    General weapon rules and regulations
    Group I & II offenses
    Rules and obligations of Judges

C) Candidate must participate in a bout with the tester. This bout should be to 5 points. The outcome of the bout (winner/loser) has no bearing on the candidate's success in the testing.The purpose of this bout is to test the candidate's learning of tactics and control. The candidate will be scored out of 18 points, with 10 points for control, and 8 points for technique/form.


A) Fencers of the 2nd rank, having demonstrated sufficient skill with and understanding of thefoil, are allowed to study and train with epees. Bouts with these weapons can be performed with the permission of a 5th rank. It should be noted that prior to achieving this rank fencing with these weapons is still allowed (under supervision) at events--such as Western Martial Arts conventions--that the club attends away from Whitman. However, continued training in these weapons at club meetings and events at Whitman is not allowed until this test has been completed, so as not to distract the fencers from learning the basic principles of all fencing weapons, which are trained through the use of the foil.

B) Fencers of the 2nd rank can serve as judges for foil tournaments held at Whitman.

C) Fencers of the 2nd rank can propose candidates for the 1st rank to the Head Instructor (serve as sponsors for 1st rank).