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Current Leadership

Eric Schmidt, Head Instructor

Eric served as Armorer during the 2010-2011 school year, Captain for Fall of 2011 and will resume that post for 2012-2013 before graduating with a degree in anthropology. Hisgoals as armorer were to outfit the club in new and safer equipment and to expand the club's collection of classical and historical weaponry. He saw to the selling of unused electrical fencing equipment for the profit of new swords and better protective gear for new fencers.  His goals as captain were to increase endurance and footwork abilities of the club, establish an internalization of First Rank knowledge for all club members and run a salle based on respect and scholarship. Eric practices Italian Foil, Epee, and Sabre, Spanish Sabre, Lichtenauer Longsword, and dabbles in Rapier and Dagger.

email: schmidej@whitman.edu

Beth Levin, President

Beth Levin is a current junior studying English with a Religion minor. She started Sport fencing with foil her sophomore year of high school and instantly fell in love with its combination of fast thinking and problem solving, along with the fact that it is a graceful, fast action, and potentially deadly dance. Coming to Whitman College, she found that the Classical fencing style was just as much fun to learn, and was exited to branch out of her native foil to learn sabre and epee, along with other Western Martial Arts. She knows that if an opportunity for a duel ever presents itself, she will be better prepared from learning a variety of weapons, although foil would still be her trusty weapon of choice. In her spare time, she loves to read fantasy books, shoot zombies, and bake bread.

        email: levinec@whitman.edu

Sam Chapman, Vice President

Sam is a sophomore Environmental Humanities major who has been enamored by sword fights in books and movies since he was little. He began fencing in his freshman year and is now confident with the foil, although Italian and Spanish sabre are his styles of choice. This year, Sam serves as the club's vice president, and has made it a priority to take Whitman Fencing to a tournament. He also plans to study sword-and-buckler, and improve his sabre skills. In his spare time, Sam enjoys backpacking, his classical guitar, and writing stories.

email: chapmasp@whitman.edu

Kate Seiberlich, Secretary

Kate was elected to be Secretary in the spring of 2012. She was also chosen to continue the line of Sauna Mistress by past Mistress, Nina Estep. When it comes to different weapons she enjoys using Lictenauer Dagger and Italian foil, and also trying to learn the ways of rapier and dagger. Over the next few years, she plans to work on keeping alumni more connected with the club and on understanding
new manuscripts. Right now, she plans to major in Philosophy.

email: seiberka@whitman.edu

Erik Anderson, Treasurer/Budget Manager

Erik  is current Environmental Humanities major, and will be receiving a minor in History.  Before coming to Whitman, he had no experience or even interest in Classical Italian Fencing.  Erik is committed to the three main disciplines of fencing; foil, epee, and sabre.  Of these, he feels that sabre is the most enjoyable and wishes that he had more time to practice.  Outside of fencing, he is interested in environmental causes, fine book collecting, and pre-modern European and colonial history. 

email: andersej@whitman.edu


Past Leadership

Kyle Moen

Kyle was the President from 2009-2012.  He served as the Captain for the 2010-2011 school year and during the spring semester of the 2011-2012 school year before graduating in the spring of 2012 with degrees in Biology and Philosophy.  He is currently attending Law School in Boulder, CO.
  Kyle’s goal as President was to press for more traditional and historical fencing instruction.  To this end he oversaw the procuring of various practice weapons and texts as well as getting the club more involved in the Western Martial Arts community at large.
  Kyle’s work outside of instructing focused predominantly on Italian Foil, Italian Saber, Spanish Saber, Lichtenauer Dagger, Lichtenauer Longsword and the proper acquisition and application of new technical skills and knowledge.

Nina Estep

Nina Estep was the Vice President from 2009-2012. She graduated in the Spring of 2012 with a degree in Biology. She is currently on a gap year at home in Seattle before applying to graduate school.
  Nina’s work focused predominantly on Italian Foil and the Spanish Navaja style of knife-fighting, but has also taught pugilism and scraps of Italian Longsword. Side goals include encouraging the tight-knit atmosphere of the club through organization of movie nights, sauna parties and idle chit-chat.

Sam Schonfeld

Sam was a member of Fencing From 2009-2012, serving as webmaster for 2011 and 2012 and an assistant instructor for his final year.  He graduated from Whitman with a Double Major in Physics and Astronomy and is currently working towards his PhD in Astronomy at New Mexico State University in Las Cruces.
   After reaching Second Rank, Sam spent a large portion of his time with the club working one-on-one to prepare younger students for rank tests.  In his final year he took an active role in club leadership and participated in many of the conversations and decisions regarding club policies and the future direction of the club.
   Sam's martial interests include Italian Foil, Italian and Spanish Saber, Italian Rapier and Dagger, I33 German Sword and Buckler, and Lichtenauer Dagger.

Andrew Molina

Andrew graduated in 2012 with a degree in Chemistry and is now attending the University of Michigan.  While at Whitman, he was always available to help other students learn and refine their foil technique; working tirelessly to prepare them for their rank tests.
   As student of many other martial arts, Andrew was able to bring fresh insight into the biomechanics and uses of the historical techniques and weapons. He played an influential role in developing the new historical weapon curriculum and testing standards during the summer of 2012. He hopes to study with the Ann Arbor Sword Club and return to Whitman to lead a historical weapons workshop within the next few years.

Kayla Hegedus

 After spending the first years of her life as a feral wolf-child in the wilds of Washington, Kayla was adopted by a suburban family and taught how to interact in normal society.  Upon coming to Whitman, she discovered fencing as a way to reconnect with her savage instincts.  When she is not thirsting for blood, she enjoys studying physics and mathematics.

Stephen Parkin

Stephen Parkin was the Head Instructor of the club and was in charge of the instruction in foil and saber. He was a senior who was with the Fencing Club for four years. Beforehand, he also served as the President of the club for a year and a half and the Treasurer and Congress Contact for a year. Stephen received all three stars in the club ranking system.

Nicholas Holce

Nicholas, started fencing his sophomore year.  First taught the basics of foil by Jeff Hutchinson, Nicholas later learned epee, rapier, longsword, and dagger drills his junior year under Will Patillo.
   During his junior year, Nicholas served as Fencing Club’s Key Bearer, ASWC representative at the monthly House of Clubs meetings, and budget representative.   Nicholas and Will attended the 4W event in Seattle - a biannual event that hosts many of the most renowned maestros in the United States - during which time he learned some French smallsword and baroque sword from Maestro Jeanette Acosta-Ramirez and Mr. Tom Leoni, respectively.
   Senior year, Nicholas was voted club President, and he also co-instructed Fencing Club with Stephen Parkin.



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