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Current Leadership - THIS WILL SOON BE UPDATED FOR 2019-2020

James McKinney, Head Instructor/Captain

James is serving as the Head Instructor for the 2017-2018 school year. He previously served as Vice President and Acting President in the 2015-2016 school year and President of the Whitman Fencing Club for Fall 2016. James enjoys puns, board games, and bears.

email: mckinnjh@whitman.edu

Kaitlin Harrison, President

Kaitlin is the President for the 2017-2018 school year. She is also the webmaster of the Whitman Fencing site. Kaitlin is a BBMB major, and loves to play the piano, knit, and read. She also has a serious interest in space, and can often be found watching the stars.

email: harriske@whitman.edu

Anna Ripley, Vice President

Anna Ripley is the Vice President for Fall 2017, although she will be going abroad in the spring. She is also involved in the Renaissance Faire Club and Whitman Action Games.

email: ripleyak@whitman.edu

Jeffrey Maher, ASWC/Budget Manager

Jeffrey is a senior Math-Econ and Music Composition major from Longmont, Colorado. He wants to go into the board game industry when he leaves college. He enjoys singing, games of all varieties, the trombone, and generally making a fool of himself.

email: maherja@whitman.edu

Sam Erickson, Armorer

Sam is a senior Chemistry major. He enjoys Magic the Gathering, playing the French horn, collecting National Geographics, and antiques.

email: erickssq@whitman.edu

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