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En garde! Whitman College Pioneer, October 22nd, 2009.

Art or Sport? (by Maitre Adam Adrian Crown)

Why Study Classical Fencing? (by Maitre Adam Adrian Crown)

Practice Rapiers - Schlagers vs. Musketeer Blades (by Maestro Ramon Martinez)

Practice Rapiers - Technical Specifications on Museum Rapiers (by Gregory Stauf)

Practice Rapiers - More Technical Specifications (note the difference in balance points between the English rapiers from above and these Italian rapiers.)

Fencing in New York in the 1880s

Social Behavior in a Traditional Italian Salle (1870)

Why Fence Foil First? (by Maitre Nick Evangelista)

Duelling In Paris

The Military Masters Fencing Program (by Maestro Frank Lurz)

Censorship vs. Scholarship (an excellent example of the type of disagreements that can make learning historical fencing so difficult)

Fencing and Fencers in Paris

Daggers of the Mind: Towards a Historiography of Fencing (by Ken Mondschein)

Amateur Fencers' League of America 1891 Tournament Rules

A Hit, A Palpable Hit (A short essay on the effects electronic scoring has had on the evolution of fencing as a sport, by Maestro John Sullins)

Who Benefits? (Another short essay on the use of electronic scoring, by Maitre Adam Adrian Crown)

Scans of a Solingen fencing supply catalog from 1926

Demystification of the Spanish School, Part 1 (by Maestro Ramon Martinez)

An Enjoyable Fictional Fencing Bout (by Rafael Sabatini)

Anatomy of a Duelist's Wounds (by Maestro Frank Lurz)

The 5 Tactical Principles (by Maitre Adam Adrian Crown)

The 4 Strategic Positions (by Maitre Adam Adrian Crown)

Duels with the Sword (by Andrew Steinmetz, 1868)

Weapon Grips and Schools (by Maestro William Gaugler, notice, the information about the French gloves appears to be incorrect)