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Fencing Schools (top)

Northwest Academy of Arms (Eugene, OR)

Tri-Cities Academy of the Sword (Binghamton, NY)

Accademia di Scherma Classica (Burlingame, CA)

San Jose Military Masters Program (San Jose, CA)

Academia Della Spada (Seattle, WA)

In Ferro Veritas (Ithaca, NY)

The Martinez Academy (New York, NY)

Palm Beach Classical Fencing (Palm Beach, FL)

The Best List I Have Found of Fencing Instructors Around the World


Fencing Sites & Information (top)

Maestro Martinez's Excellent Classical & Historical Fencing FAQ

Association for Historical Fencing

The Classical Fencing Listserve

Salem Classical Fencing

The Sword Forum

The Capo Ferro Translation Project. See also here.

The SCA Rapier Handbook (The SCA finally doing it right - hopefully)

Fencers Quarterly

Historical Fencing Treatises

The Big Bibliography

Journal of Martial Arts and Sciences


Fencing Suppliers (top)

The Fencing Post (Modern Fencing Supplier with a good Classical Section)

Triplette Competition Arms (Modern Fencing Supplier with excellent uniforms)

TCAS Fencing Supplies (Great False Ricassos, Wrist Straps, and Smallswords)

Uhlmann (Least Expensive True-Ricasso Italian Blades I've Found)

Darkwood Armory (Excellent Practice Rapiers)

Macdonald Armouries (Excellent Dusacks and Single Sticks)

Alchem Inc. (Inexpensive Parrying Daggers and Bucklers)

Popinjay (An assortment of inexpensive epee-bladed smallswords)