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 Third Rank Green Band - Advanced Foil and Epee

A) Length of attendance:

It is suggested that a new club member attend regularly (at least twice per week) for 2 semesters before testing for this rank.

Minimum attendance time before testing: 40 hours (20 practices) as a second rank before examination. (In the case of a new member with previous experience at another club, this time serves to assure that the member has patience, and forces them to review the techniques of foil, which are essential to the practice of all the weapons).

B) Participation

Compete in five public bouts. Judge five bouts. Direct two assaults (under supervision)

C) Candidate must be of the 2nd rank.

The Testing:

All techniques should be done from a proper guard, attacks should be done with a properly executed lunge, etc. A salute should be made when beginning techniques that touch a living
opponent. Failure in these things is equivalent to failure in the technique.

A) Candidate must demonstrate the following skills/techniques:

Foil Footwork:
    Inverse advance-lunge (advance-reverse lunge?)
    Running Attack/Fleche

Foil Bladework:
    Renewed Attacks:
       Replacements (reprise) (against someone you utilizes defence ofmeasure)
       Appuntata (remise) (re-attack in the same line if opponent hesitates onreposting after parrying)
      Redoublement (like remise, but directed in the opposite line than attack)
    Counter-Time (attacks in time)
       Feint in Time
       Arrest in Counter-time (Fr. Contre-temps: counter attack by bladeengagement to a counter attack)
       Ceding Parry
    Counter Disengagement
    Blade Cover
    Cut Over

Epee Bladework:

Epee Tactical:
    The Guard Stance
    Target Area
    Double Hits (no priority)

B) Candidates must be able to explain the following topics:

Rules & Officiating:
    Group I, II, and III offenses
    Referee hand signals

    Parts of the Epee (French and Italian hilts)


A) Students will be able to assist in teaching with the head instructor discretion as well as freeassault in epee after completion. Students are also allowed to branch their study into other weapons (sabre and historical). See below for qualifications.

B) Fencers of the 3rd rank have the permission to bout epee and do bladework drills with other fencers of the 3rd rank or higher using club gear and at club functions without needing an instructor's direct supervision--as long as the club's standard safety rules are followed!

C) Fencers of the 3rd rank are granted the ability to borrow equipment pertaining to epee from the club outside of club meeting times. However, they must obtain permission from the Head Instructor, and need to sign for all items using the registry.

D) Fencers of the 3rd rank can serve as directors for foil assaults and public bouts (excluding tournament bouts held at Whitman College).

E) Fencers of the 3rd rank can propose candidates for 1st and 2nd ranks to the Head Instructor (serve as sponsors for 1st and 2nd ranks).