Now Is the Time Campaign

Since 1882, Whitman College has provided an exemplary education that immerses students in ideas, confronts them with challenging problems, and nurtures their ability to become leaders. With a focus on analytical abilities and communication skills, a liberal arts education affords students the much-needed flexibility to succeed in an ever-changing world. The demand for broadly educated, critical, and innovative thinkers has never been greater. In today’s increasingly complex and globally connected world, we must do more. In response, Whitman has launched the Now Is the Time Campaign to secure the resources necessary to perpetuate and build upon Whitman’s historic strengths.    Read the Case Statement »

The Now Is the Time Campaign will:

All gifts today through June 30, 2015, count toward this effort to better prepare Whitman students to become leaders in this new century. Collectively, gifts will have a tremendous effect on the Whitman experience.   Join the Campaign and Give Today »