Experience an outdoor adventure by going on a trip through the Outdoor Program. Activities include: snowshoeing, hiking and backpacking, sea and surf kayaking, canoeing, rafting and more!

Sign up for fall trips at the beginning of the spring semester at the activities fair or in the rental shop!

Waitlist Policy

If there is a cancellation more than 3 days in advance of a trip (before Wednesday for any weekend trip) the first person on the wait-list will be notified. He or she has 24 hours to respond after which everyone on the wait-list will be notified. They must respond within 24 hours to keep their position on the wait-list or the first person who responds will get the trip spot. If there is a cancellation less than 3 days in advance of the trip, everyone on the waitlist will be emailed and spots filled on a first-come first-serve basis.

Cancellation Policy

If you cancel BEFORE THE CANCELLATION DATE (listed on the sign-up sheet and your info card) you will receive a refund for the trip fee minus a cancellation fee. If you cancel AFTER THE CANCELLATION DATE you will receive NO REFUND!!!

Whitman Faculty, Staff, Employees and Alumni Member Trip Policy

Whitman Alumni, Faculty, Staff and Employees are welcome to join WCOP trips! You may sign up for trips once we have opened trip sign ups for students. You will be charged the student trip price plus 30% of the Student trip price.

Community Member Policy

Members of the Walla Walla community are welcome to join WCOP trips; however, they will remain on the wait list until approximately one week before the trip begins. If, a week before the trip date, there are spots available on the trip, a WCOP employee will contact the community member and ask if they are still interested in the trip, in which case they will be given a spot. Additionally, they will be charged the student trip plus 50% of the student price. During the summer, community members may sign up for trips as soon as trip sign ups are open.

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