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MinExp My computer-simulated (PC) experimental phase diagram exercise. Problem 5.3. Students mix and heat binary mineral mixtures and analyze the results without major burns (new version as a zip file). Windows 7 and 8 require MSVBVM50.DLL, available at http://support.microsoft.com/kb/180071/en-us

Magma Density spreadsheet Excel file used as Table A.1 in Appendix A.
Magma Viscosity spreadsheet Excel file used as Table A.2 in Appendix A.

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Known errors (so far) in the Second Edition (see below for First Edition errors):

Don't even ask about the Front Cover vs. the Title Page. I have no idea at this point what the title of this text is! I assume the Title Page has priority (but I prefer "Principles").
8- Figure 1.5 is simply wrong. The correct figure can be seen in Ed. 1 and in the support PowerPoint file.
13- Figure 1.8: the Pressure scale is low by an order of magnitude (it should read 100 - 200 - 300 - 400 GPa). The figure is correct in Ed. 1 and in the support PowerPoint file. A mystery!
29- Figure 2.4: Lower left-hand box should read: Na2O - 2.0 < K2O.
32- Table 2.1: Alvekite should be spelled Alvikite.
50- Table 3.1 line 17 (Crystal Habits): should read equant and acicular.
51- Table 3.1 under Miscellaneous Terms, Felty should read Figure 3.12b not 3.13b.
59- RHC (right-hand column) third line from bottom" "rhyodicite" should read "rhyodacite"
102- RHC lines 5-6: should read "ef gets progressively smaller whereas de gets larger"
107- RHC line 16 from bottom should read "ki /jk" not kj/jk
108- LHC second line from bottom should read " F = 2" not 1
130- LHC last paragraph 10th line should read "Figure 7.19" not 7.18
152- RHC (right-hand column) lines 4-5 should read: "the "tholeiitic" (Main, or subalkaline) and the "olivine-basalt" (Plateau, or alkaline)..."
160- RHC line 2: should end with "0.026" NOT 0.013
164- LHC (left-hand column) line 2: should read "more compatible" (or less incompatible, but NOT less compatible)
166- LHC line 4: should read "Yb or Lu"
167-8- The last paragraph on p.167 (extending to p.168) refers twice to Figure 10.3. It should refer to Figure 10.2.
170- Figure 9.8d: The lower left corner should read "Si/1000 " Not Si/100
172- RHC line 15 from bottom: should read "amounts of Rb..."
179- LHC line 18: epsilon should equal 58.6, not 5.86 (but the conclusion remains the same).
193- The caption to Figure 10-11 may be clearer if the first line read: "Extent of partial melting of a fertile lherzolite (initially garnet-bearing) with increasing..."
195- LCH thrid line: The conditions of multiple saturation with all four lherzolite phases should be approximately 0.8 GPa and 1225C (not 1250C)
196- LHC six lines before Section 10.5: Herzberg misspelled as Herzburg (and Azimov)
200- Ophiolites is misspelled in the second line of the Summary
217- LHC line 9 from bottom: "liquids rise" should not be repeated
254- RHC five lines from the bottom" ...address the destinction between N-MORB and E-MORB"
255- LHC fourth line of third paragraph: " ... N-MORBs (solid triangles)" AND Figure 13.13 Ordinate should be 143Nd/144Nd AND last line should read 0.5130
261- LHC seventh line from bottom: " ...(Figure 13.18)"
289- RHC line 4: should read "0.1 to 10 m"
337- RHC lines 1-2: the Sr and Nd ratio values are reversed (87Sr/86Sr) should be ~ 0.715 and 143Nd/144Nd should be ~ 0.5123)
345 - Figure 16.19 - The label near the top center might be more clear as: "P-T-t path range of subducting crust in a mature arc"
385 - Table 18.3 - S-type granites have high A/(C+N+K) and are thus peraluminous, not metaluminous
512- Figure 23.57 has a font(?) problem. The three deltas should be epsilons (strain).
523- RHC Line 3 should read: (the components z and xyz)
528- RHC Line 3 should read MgO-SiO2, line 4 should read MgO/SiO2 and line 13 should read Fo + En.
544- RHC fourth line from bottom is missing the end-parenthesis after "Figure 26.19".
548- Figure 25.11: Jadeite (Jd) should not plot on this diagram. It is mistakenly plotted at F = 1.
567- Caption to Figure 26.9, line 3: should read "Chl + Qtz, Chl + Qtz + Grt, and Grt + Qtz".
611 and 612- Prl or Ky may be the stable apical phase in Figures 28.3 and 28.4. Note in Figure 28.2 that isograds 1 and 2 cross, so that the stable phase is quite pressure dependent.
638- Figure 29-4 skipped the Tr + Cal = Di + Fo reaction in Figure 29.3. Revised in PowerPoint now. This should also be addressed in the text on p.639: before reaction (29.11) Cal + Qtz = Wo + CO2.
676- Eq (30.14) should end in 4 SiO2
683- Eq (A.1) should be Sigma XiMi/Sigma XiVi
688 Table B.2 - There is no K2O in magnetite. Delete 0.0015 from column 5c
689 Table B.3 - Many columns have been shifted (in both editions) during publishing. My original spreadsheet is here:
690- Step 5d: No FeO is added to Fe2O3 to create magnetite. Simply use the Fe2O3 value.

A list of known errors in the First Edition follows (some in the 2nd ed. are also probably there too):

Errata (page number followed by error) Red entires came to me later and were still in Second Printing (of the first edition)

Table inside front cover: the speed of light is 3 x 108 m sec-1
vi: There is only a single appendix. Units and Constants plus Abbreviations and Acronyms are on the inside covers. The appendix, CIPW Norm, is on page 636. References begin on page 644, and Index begins on page 687.

5- RHC: (right-hand column) top paragraph- drop "as in the mineral perovskite" (not a silicate).
7: Figure 1-5: I have a newer version of this figure.
RHC second full paragraph last sentence: "effects" should read "affects"
9- Fig 1-6: The atomic symbol of neon (#10) should be "Ne"
12: Figure 1-8: Pressure axis is wrong. Should be 100, 200, 300, 400 GPa
18- LHC: first line of first full paragraph, in bold: "magneisan" should be "magnesian"
22- LHC: 13 lines from bottom: "pryoxene" should be "pyroxene"
30- LCH: Caption to Fig 3-2 Last sentence repeated.
34: Fig 3-9 caption. Drop last sentence.
"trachitic" in bold in RHC is misspelled (should be "trachytic")
36: Fig 3-11b looks more skeletal than resorbed.
44: Diktytaxitic is defined twice. It should be under Textures of Mafic Igneous Rocks and is a combination of the two: irregular jagged vesicles into which bounding crystals portrude.
50: Fig 4-5. Diameters in km, not um.
58: RHC- Ignimbrite etymology is latin, not Greek: Latin ignis = fire + imber, imbr- = rain + -ite
67: RHC Paragraph 2 line 1. The mesozone rarely extends deeper than 15 km.
71: Remove hyphens in Fig 4-34.
75: Add "it" to fourth line from end: "because IT will fall..."
82: Right side of Equation 5-13 should be (+) delta V
87: LHC line 14: gaseous CO2 (rather than O2)
89: LHC line 30- phase rule is incorrect - first term (C) should be 1 (not 2)
99- LHC: paragraph 3 should say Fo-Silica system instead of Fo-S
101- Figure 6-15: The label/formula at 0.3 should be that of enstatite: MgSiO3 (not forsterite: Mg2SiO4)
104: Problem : delete second "on page"
Problem 2: Fig 6-17a should read Fig 6-17c.
I also added a third problem (see the instructor's manual).
109: Equation (7-5) should be Liquid + Forsterite = Enstatite + Anorthite
111: Figure 7-5 The temperature of the Ab-Di eutectic should be 1085oC, not 1133
112 RHC paragraph 2, line 15 for consistency it should read, "F = C - phi + 0 = 3 - 3 + 0" (not - 0)
116- LHC six lines from bottom - melting should begin at the solidus rather than at the liquidus
127- Figure 127 Upper field should read "Highly undersaturated..." (add "r")
128- RHC line 11 for TiO2, MnO, and P2O5 should read 1.0%, not 0.1%
Ch 8- Wrong heading for chapter title throughout
132 Table 8-1 has several errors (in red):
133- LHC end of paragraph 1: Many Authors (not most anymore) and delete last sentence: "You can see that this has been done for Al2O3 and CaO in Table 8-1."
134 LHC line 15: replace "or" with "of"
RHC Top line: FeO*... =
"6.85 + 0.8998*1.36 = 8.07"
137- LHC Primary magmas...differentiation. Add: "Unless specifically stated otherwise, that source is presumed to be the mantle."
144- LHC end of paragraph 2: "of" should be "or"
145- LHC line 27: Remove extra "%" sign.
152- RHC- line 5: misspelled "descent"
Problem 1: Calculate the norm for the Am. Bar. Imnaha basalt in Table 15-3.
Problem 2: ...enter the wt. % data for the same basalt as in Problem 8-1.
Second paragraph: Now lower the silica value from 51 to 44%...
Problem 4: The file should be "Prob 08-4.xls"
Problem 5: "Figure 4-30" should be "Figure 4-32"

153- Problem 6: replace "augite" with "olivine"
LHC second to last line- "Plot both rocks on" (not "of")
154- Problem 9- line 3: Missing "L" in "Label."
Line 12 in Prob. 9: Don't capitalize "Coefficients"
158- Figure 9-2: "fiunction" should read "function"
157- Table 9-1: last four values under garnet should be: 3.17, 6.56, 11.5, 11.9 (newer data)
162- Table 9-5 should have the following corrections in red:
165- LHC lines one and sixteen refer to FIgure 10-3. They should refer to Fig. 10-2.
171- Eq 9-16 Remove minus sign before lambda in exponent -> e^ (+)lambda x t.
175- First line beneath Eq 9-19 should also -> (e^(+) lambda x t) (remove minus).
179- Problem 9-5: I left out the Cr data: Cr (ppm) #1= 556 #2= 290
The multiplication signs should not be superscripted in a) and b)
180- Problem 10: Use Equation (9-12) (not 9-15)
182: LHC line 2- Figure 1-9 (not 1-7)
184 Table 10-2: I forgot to add the pyrolite analysis: 56% ol, 26% opx, 16% cpx, 42.7% SiO2, 0.47% TiO2, 3.30% Al2O3, 0.45% Cr2O3, 7.92% FeO*, 0.13% MnO, 41.4% MgO, 2.11% CaO, 0.49% Na2O, 0.18% K2O
185 Figure 10-3: Pressure is in kilobars, divide by 10 to convert to GPa
185 Figure 10-4: Pressure is in kilobars, divide by 10 to convert to GPa
187- LHC last line: Misspelled "lherzolite"
195 RHC first full paragraph: Second line- remove "the" from before "close"
204: RHC line 4- The subscript of rho refers to the feldspar, and should be "s" not "l"
205- Figure 11-3 caption should refer to Figure 4-32, not 4-30
206- RCH paragraph 2: should read "the Hudson River still is commonly…" (not sill)
208- RHC first line: the oil floats to THE top of the water
223- RHC paragraph 2: "Merinsky" should read "Merensky"
242- RHC paragraph 1: "speading" should read "spreading"
245- RHC Lines 1, 26, 29, 32 of Section 13.3:"crust" should be replaced by "lithosphere" because Layer 4 is not crustal, but lithospheric mantle.
247- Figure 13-4 caption should read, "Schematic section of the oceanic crust and upper mantle based..." because Layer 4 is not crustal.
248- third line: Figure 8-14 is an AFM diagram, not an AFC diagram
253- First line should refer to Figure 10-1, not 10-2
270- Figure 14-6: BSE is Bulk Silicate Earth
276- READINGS heading should be SUGGESTED not SUGGESTER
278- Line 4: Figure 15-2 (not 15-1)
283- Figure 15-8 caption: capitalize Picture Gorge
285- Figure 15-12 caption: NHRL (not NRHL)
296- Table 16-1 Mt Misery dacites should be 12%, not 0
309- Fig 16-14 caption should end in 1989, not 1986
350- RHC paragraph 2: remove "always" before "peraluminous" in first sentence of second paragraph
370- Fig 19-6 caption: Treuil (not Trenil)
395- Figure 19-20 caption should include Mitchell (1995) as reference
402- Figure 20-2 caption: Seifert, not Siefert
426- LHC Paragraph 3: "grained" not "gained"
427- LHC line 23: "Royke" should be spelled "Ryoke"
434- Reverse "a" and "b" in Figure 22-1
436- Table 22-1 has the 50-70-90% slightly misplaced
437- RHC paragraph 1: "frictional" not "fractional"
439 -Fig 22-4 courtesy Richard Grieve, copyright National Resources Canada.
447- Figure 23-10 part (b) " ", not "q" (font problem)
448- Fig 23-12 should read "lower right" not "lower left"
465- Fig. 23-37 a, b, and c should refer to the top, middle, and bottom rows: a) is shear/rotation, b) is flattening, and c) is folding.
474- Fig 23-54 caption: Bill Griffin doesn't spell his name with an "e"
475- Table 23-1 second line should read "blastophitic"
482- RHC< Paragraph 3, line 10 should read: (the components z and xyz)
485- RHC, 4 lines from bottom: "A = 1.5 + 0 - 0 - 0.5 = 1.0" (Note plus)
487- LHC, Second paragraph for Spear: A = 1/2(AlOsubscript3/2 - KOsubscript1/2)
495- I have added a problem 24-1 available from my web page.
506- Last paragraph RHC: "glaucophane" not "glaucophase"
514- RHC line 7 should read 0.38 GPa, not 3.8 GPa
534- Problem 1-b should begin: "Can a quartz-bearing rock contain both z and c at this grade?"
K should begin: "why might isograd…"
536- LHC, 7 lines from bottom: "Table 5-2" should be "Table 27-1"
539- Eq (27-15) has some sign problems: only the second term is (+). All other terms are (-). Eq (27-16) the numerator and denominator are reversed in the final term.
541- Figure 27-4 should also reflect these sign changes. Each labeled curve should actually be the reciprocal of the stated value/label.
546- Eq (27-35) should have 8.3144 for R (not 4.3144). As a result, Eq (27-36) should have 24.943 instead of 12.943.
548- Eq (27-37) should end in "+ SiO2" (not = SiO2). And RHC- 5 lines from bottom: -66.08 J/MPa (not -0.6608)
549- Eq (27-40) should have -66.08 for dV (not -0.6608). Figure 27-9: Contours should be reciprocals (0.1, 0.01...)
560- Problem 1: next-to-last line LHC should read Equation (27-8), not Equation (5-22)
574- RHC line 22: Reaction (28-19) is considered by many to be the amphibolite-granulite transition, not Reaction (28-15).
593- Fig 29-5 "Rhône"
605- Problem 1 should refer to "progressive regional metamorphism"
629- Table 30-2 Caption: "metasomaic" should be "metasomatic"
633- Fig 30-29a should have "Di" in the upper right field (above Tr)
638 Column 1 should include Al2O3, not Ai2O3
Na2O should be 3.01 in column 1
0.0015 for K2O should be in column 4a, not 3f
0.0486 for Na2O should be in column 4c, not 4a
"dj' " should be "di' " in column 7a
mol proportion of normative mineral of anorthite (near bottom of column 4d) should be 0.1079 (not 0.1516)
Wt.% of Normative Mineral of anorthite (bottom of column 4d) is 30.01 (not 42.18)

641- Step 4g: Replace "5d" with "5c" in both instances. Magnetite should be considered before hematite. Step 7a. End of line 11 should be 0.0740, not 0.0704.
649- I left out the Bridgman references for the ice polymorphs in Chapter 6
Bridgman, P. W. (1911). Water in the liquid and five solid forms under pressure. Proc. Amer. Acad. Arts and Sci., 5, 441-513.
Bridgman, P. W. (1935). The pressure-volume-temperature relations of the liquid, and the phase diagram of heavy water. J. Chem. Phys., 3, 597-605.
Bridgman, P. W. (1937). The phase diagram of water to 45,000 kg/cm2. J. Chem. Phys., 5, 964-966.
677- Schairer reference should read "feldspathoids"
681- add: Treuil, M. and F. Varet (1973). Critères volcanologiques, pétrologiques et géochimiques de la genèse et de la différenciation des magmas basaltiques: exemple de l'Afar. Bull. Soc. Geol. de France, 7, 506-540.
689- Enthalpy is misspelled
695: Add p. 192 to index list under Primary Magma.
697- Schreinemakers is misspelled (and the apostrophe should be removed)
697- Tonalite is misspelled

C3 My computer-simulated (PC) experimental phase diagram exercise.

C4 My computer-simulated (PC) experimental phase diagram exercise.