7. Creating a Background

Some students like to add to the visual appeal of their poster by adding a background and/or a border. You can use either a color, or a graphic to create a background.

Using a graphic as a background Creating a color or patterned background

Using a graphic as a background

1. Import a graphic by following the directions for (4. Importing and placing a graphic.)

2. Then resize the graphic using the Selection tool so it covers the entire page (some distortion of the graphic will occur.)

3. Go to Object > Arrange > Send To Back to set the graphic at the very back of the page, so it does not cover any work you have done.

4. You may need to alter the intensity of the graphic, so it does not interfere with other information on your poster. Select the graphic with the Selection tool and go to Filter > Colors > Adjust Colors. Increase the percent of each color equally. Check the Preview box if you want to observe the changes as you make your adjustments. Click OK when finished.

Converting an original picture into a background image