4. Importing graphics and placing them on the page


Adobe Illustrator can import just about any graphic format. For digitized pictures, the .tif format is most common; however, pictures in this format take up a tremendous amount of disk space. If you are importing many pictures on your poster, your file size may be in excess of 50 megabytes. Consequently, it will take a long time to load, save, and make changes to your poster especially if your file is saved on a zip disk. It is recommended, but not necessary, to convert your photos from .tif format to .jpg format. JPEG files use significantly less disk space without compromising noticeable quality. If you are familiar with the Mp3 music format, it works in the same basic fashion.

To import a graphic and place it on your page:

1. Go to File > Place. Search for the file that you wish to import into Illustrator. Highlight it and click on Place. The graphic will now appear on the page.

2. Using the Selection tool you may move the graphic anywhere on the page by clicking on the graphic and dragging it.

3. You may also resize the graphic by clicking and dragging any of the boxes that outline the selected graphic. To keep the graphic to scale and not distort it in any way, press the SHIFT key while dragging the box.