Timeline for the Theatre at Hieropolis, Turkey

190 BC

City of Hierapolis founded by Eumenes II, the king of Pergamon

60 AD

Earthquake damages city of Hierapolis

ca. 100 BC

Theatre most likely built during a period of reconstruction prompted by earthquake damage during the reign of Emperor Hadrian (Roman)

193-211 AD

Theatre renovated and scaenae frons embellished with architectural decorations during the reign of Septimius Severus (Roman)

337-361 AD

Orchestra renovated and adapted for aquatic displays and gladiatoral sports during the reign of Constantius (Roman)

500s AD

Theatre still in use (Byzantine)

532 AD

Skene repaired (Byzantine)

late 1900s

Excavations under Carl Humann (German)


Excavations under Paolo Verzone, Daria de Bernardi Ferrero (Italian)


Hierapolis Museum built

Basic Timeline for Turkey

Mycenaean Period ca. 1500 - 1200 BC

Late Roman Empire ca. AD 293 - 395

Phrygian, Uratian, Lydian Period ca. 1200 - 542 BC

Early Byzantine Period ca. AD 395 - 610

Persian-Classical Period ca. 542 - 333 BC

Middle Byzantine Period ca. AD 610 - 961

Early Hellenistic Period ca. 333 - 167 BC

Late Byzantine Period ca. AD 961 - 1176

Late Hellenistic Period ca. 167 BC - AD 43

Seljuk Turkish Period ca. AD 1176 - 1299

Early Roman Empire ca. AD 43 - 162

Ottoman Turkish Period ca. AD 1299 - 1922

Middle Roman Empire ca. AD 162 - 293

Modern Turkey ca. AD 1922 - present

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