The Theatre at Hierapolis, Turkey


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Near modern Pamukkale, Turkey

Theatre Type:


Date of Construction:

2nd century AD (Roman)



Renovation Dates:

193-211 AD, 337-361 AD (Roman)

Archive Locations:

Hierapolis Museum, Pamukkale,Turkey


German excavations (Carl Humann) late 1800s, Italian excavations (Paolo Verzone) 1957, (Dr. Daria de Bernardi Ferrero) - 2001 - present


Dimensions of Theatre:
Theatron: 103w X 72 meters - 338w X 236 feet
Orchestra: 21w X 14.5 meters - 69w X 47.5 feet
Stage: 40w X 9 meters - 131w X 29.5 feet
(approximate measurements based on plan view)

Seating Capacity:


Architectural Drawings:

Plan View of Theatre at Hierapolis

The ancient city of Hierapolis is located on a 200 meter high terrace of limestone deposits amid a wonderland of mineral water pools and petrified limestone waterfalls. The ancient city overlooks the modern town of Pamukkale in Turkey's Inner Aegean region. Founded as a thermal spa in 190 BC by Eumenes II, the King of Pergamon, the city was most likely named for Hiero, the wife of the legendary founder of the Pergamene dynasty. More....

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