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    Geology deals with the physical, chemical, and biological study of the earth from its conception to the present day. A background in earth science not only increases the general student's appreciation of the world, but also increases the depth of understanding of a science student's own field. Serious students of geology find opportunities in the environmental, petroleum, mining, teaching, engineering, and geophysics fields, and in hydrology, space science and oceanography. Whitman offers a major in geology, geology combined with environmental studies, geology combined with physics, geology combined with biology, geology combined with chemistry, and geology combined with astronomy. In addition, students can also elect to minor in geology.

Major Requirements

Summer Research Opportunitites

Check out either Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REUs) or Keck Projects

Upcoming 2011 REU Project Links (more to come in the next few months):

Evolution of the Precambrian Rocks of Yellowstone National Park and Surrounding Areas--Summer 2011 Program

The Field Museum:

UNC Institute of Marine Sciences:

University of Delaware:

Mt. Holyoke, Svalbard:


For a list of 2011-12 Keck Projects, click here

or visit the Whitman Geology page to find out What Is Keck

Field Camp

One requirement as a straight Geology major is GEOL 480, Field Mapping. While many students choose to fulfill this requirement during the summer of either their Junior or Senior years, there are also opportunities to take this while abroad. Programs at the University of Otago, New Zealand; James Cooke University, Australia; St. Andrew's in Edinburgh, Scotland offer field courses.

---Prof. Kevin Pogue: "Field camp is the experience that makes you a geologist, not just a student of geology."---

How To Chose The Right Field Camp

Click here for a generally maintained list of schools with field camp programs

Below are some reviews of Field Camps that Whitaman students have attended in the past:

Indiana University 1 2

Idaho State University 1 2

Eastern Illinois University 1

Abroad: St. Andrew's, Scotland: field work in Spain overview list

Need help paying for field camp? Apply for the 2011 NAGT Scholarship for Field Studies

Other Major Information
  • Major Information Manual in PDF format
    • Everything you need to know about majoring in geology, including major and minor requirements, jobs, deadlines, and guides for writing papers & abstracts, giving presentations, field notebooks, etc. All majors should download and print this manual.