6. Formatting text

Adobe Illustrator allows you to edit text in countless ways. It is a good idea to explore many of the options on your own if you want to be creative. Many of the options lie under the Type pull down menu and in the Character and Paragraph categories.

To perform basic text formatting:

1. Highlight the text you wish to format with the Text tool.

2. Go to Type > Character or Paragraph. This will open the Character/Paragraph/MM Design Palette.

3. To toggle between the palettes, just click on the titles.

4. Perform the necessary formatting.

Tip: An easy way to change the size of an entire group of text is with the Selection tool. Select the text, then click and drag any of the boxes that outline the selected text.. Again, holding down the SHIFT key keeps the text in its original scale.


Paragraph Palette

Character Palette