Outdoor Skills Activities

SSRA 137    Beginning Indoor Rock Climbing [spring 2013 syllabus]
SSRA 138    Beginning Rock Climbing [spring 2013 syllabus]
SSRA 140    Beginning Kayaking [spring 2013 syllabus]
SSRA 142    Wilderness Skills
SSRA 226    Glacier Mountaineering [spring 2012 syllabus]
SSRA 237    Intermediate Rock Climbing [spring 2013 syllabus]
SSRA 238    Intermediate Rock Climbing [spring 2013 syllabus]
SSRA 2XX   Intermediate Kayaking [spring 2013 syllabus]
SSRA 247    Advanced Kayaking [fall 2008 syllabus]

Winter Sports

SSRA 115    Telemark Skiing [spring 2007 syllabus]

Advanced Outdoor Skills & Leadership

Need based scholarship awards through the Leadership Education Advancement Fund for select SSRA OP Leadership courses. Click here for more information.

SSRA 242    Wilderness First Responder
SSRA 248    Climbing Wall Instructor [fall 2012 syllabus]
SSRA 332    River Guide Leadership [spring 2013 syllabus]
SSRA 334    Sea Kayaking Guide Leadership [fall 2012 syllabus]
SSRA 338    Improvised Rock Rescue Systems [fall 2011 syllabus]
SSRA 342    Wilderness Expedition (Rotating Expedition)
SSRA 380    Outdoor Leadership [spring 2013 syllabus]
SSRA 387    Advanced Climbing Systems and Site Management [spring 2013 syllabus]

A fundamental part of any Outdoor Course is getting the opportunity to practice and learn skills while on trips in the outdoors, a list of such trips can be found here.

Whitman College Outdoor Program is an equal opportunity provider, open to students, and community members.

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