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Card Gallery

The purpose of the card component is to provide a small piece of content that can be clicked on to open a modal window with more content or link directly to another web page.

Card Gallery Component Fields


Title: Optional title for the Card Gallery

Body: Content can go here

Use Promo Styling: NA

Cards: Create here

How many Cards to load at a time: 1 - 100

Columns: Choose 2, 3, or 4 columns. This dictates how many cards will appear across the width of the page.

Link 1: Creates an optional button below the card linking to additional content

Link 2: Creates an optional button below the card linking to additional content

Custom Class: NA

Card Component Fields


Title: Optional title

Image: The image that's displayed on the card

Hide Title: You can use this to hide the title in the modal (the pop-up component that appears on the screen)

Use Publication Layout: When this is checked, you see the optional subtitle and/or uppercase subtitle on the card

Publication Fields: Only visible when "Use Publication Layout" is checked

Subtitle: Optional

UPPERCASE Subtitle: Optional

Collapsed Body Copy: NA

Body Copy: This is what you see in the modal when you click on the card

Custom Class: NA

Custom ID: NA

Hover Pop-up Text: NA

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