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Section Front

The section front is used as the landing page for any given section of the website. It includes an embedded slideshow component for displaying rotating images at the top of the page. The Section Front also includes a section for an office information component, which appears at the top of the right column. That component is recommended for all department or office homepages.


Title (required): Title displayed at the top of the page.

Abstract (required): A short description of the content on the page. The content in this box appears in search results online and on the Whitman website. It is important to write in full sentences and create a useful description of the page content.

Top Image Slider: Add a slideshow component to the top of the page. By default, a slideshow component (as well as one slide component within that) is already embedded in the section front.

Body Copy: The main default content section of a section front page. Here you can add the main text content and images.

Body Components: Body components can add additional functionality to a page. The components available for use in this section are: TBD

Right Column: TBD

SEO Fields: NA

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