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Profile Detail

A Profile Detail page is used for an individual faculty, staff, or student profile. Information on a Profile Detail page can also be automatically pulled into a Profile Index page (via a Profile Group component).


Page Title (required): Title displayed at the top of the page (usually the full name of the person).

First Name (required): First name.

Last Name (required): Last name.

Abstract (required): A short description of the content on the page. The person's name and title is recommended.

Position / Title: Person's position or title.

Phone Numbers: List phone numbers here. Click "+" button to add a new row for another number, or "-" to remove one. Phone number format: no parenthesis around area code. Example: 555-555-5555

Office Location: Where the person's office is located. This should be the building and office number, (i.e. Memorial Building 000). For consistency, it is recommended this include the full common name of the building, and the number alone -- no "#," "Rm.," "Room," "Office," etc.

Website Links: Here you can add any relevant links to other content, such as PDFs, pages on the Whitman website or external webpages. Note: Links to documents or external web pages should have the "Display in New Window" box checked.

Office Hours: Lists the hours the person is available.

Profile Image: Here you can add a photo of the person.

Mini Bio: A short biography that can appear on any Profile Index page this Profile Detail page is associated with.

Show Link on Profile Index Pages: If checked, a "more information" link will display after the profile entry on the Profile Index page this profile is associated with. Clicking this link will take users to this Profile Detail page.

Body Copy Tabs: For displaying tabbed content on a Profile Detail page. Add Body Copy Tab Components here to do so.

Body Copy: For a single body copy area on the page. Note: This is not displayed if Body Copy Tabs are used.

Thumbnail: If present, this image will be used on any Profile Index page this page is associated with (if it is set to show profile images). Otherwise, the Profile Image will be used if present.

Right Column: TBD

SEO Fields: NA

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